Birthday Party Album

Imagine if your child’s birthday party photos get deleted accidentally from your phone. Before that happens, preserve those special moments from hanging the streamers, blowing the candle to opening the presents in a photobook for you to flic through anytime. By using our photo album maker app, organising your phone photos couldn’t get easier.

Product Catalogue

Is your product range constantly evolving? Got tons of photos stacked on your phone of all the products? Create a monthly catalogue for your company in the form of a photobook of your works and that too at a very affordable price. With its tear & share feature, carry it to your meeting and share the photos with your colleagues, customers easily.

A Baby Timeline for New Mom’s!

Don’t they grow up so fast? Remember moments like their first laugh, first step, their soccer game or photos of them simply cuddling their pet? Before these get buried in the stack of your hard drives, capture them using our photo album app, Flicbook, to keep your memories alive.

Gift for Grand Parents

Just so that they don’t miss out on your everyday lives, send them a FlicBook every month. A perfect personalised gift with your photos for your grand parents and far away family members to stay connected. Flic through this picture book anytime of the day. Everyone loves the charm of printed photos over digital ones. Don’t we?

Holiday Album

Face it! How often do you use your bulky cameras on your travels? Smartphones are the ones that come to the rescue. Bring your excitement of your travels trapped on your phone before the pictures get lost. A backpacking adventure or a weekend getaway, bind all those moments in a fun photobook or even pull out a flic easily to frame it with the help of perforation given. FlicBook is undoubtedly the simplest way to create photo albums to document and organise all those travel memories.

Candid Wedding Photo Books

Turn all the behind the scene wedding shenanigans, family emotions, wedding action, fun selfies constantly clicked & stacked on your phone into a FlicBook for you to share with your family and friends. It’s so affordable you can create multiple copies and even hand them out as customised gifts at the wedding.

Everyday Happiness

Going for your kid’s annual day and the phone memory is full? No fret! Capture the joy of your everyday through the year with the FlicBook album app. The most affordable way to document, organise and preserve your hundreds if not thousands of precious photos taken on your phone. You don’t have to constantly worry of deleting your flics to create memory space. Simply FlicBook them and get your photobook printing done in no time.

Corporate Solution

Create a FlicBook monthly of your working environment, corporate reports, vital facts and figures, reference images and not to forget those exciting office parties and offsites. It’s the most affordable photo printing app to organize and preserve all those reports, charts and photos. Share this photo book with your colleagues, customers or just as giveaways in office.

Social Media / Reference Picture Book

Clever way to bind your social media photos in one photobook. Facebook, Instagram Whatsapp, Pinterest-your mobile gallery is full of saved reference images or social media flics, isn’t it? Keep putting them together using our album app in a FlicBook and make your collection of sorts for you to look back upon.

Recipe Book

Isn’t your phone full of recipes saved from Facebook, Pinterest or sent to you by your aunt? Convert all those pictures using our online photo album maker in a personalised recipe photobook of your own, at a very affordable price. Treat others by giving them a copy or use it as quick reference for your own cooking. A great gift for Her!

Phone Memory issues?

From all those simple moments to the great times in between, relive those valuable phone photos which otherwise get piled up on your phone and you don’t end up doing anything about them. Easily make photo albums online and put them in a FlicBook. Voila! Now you can free up your mobile memory regularly.

Kid’s Art FlicBook

You know your heart breaks if you have to throw your kids pile of artwork. Not anymore! With this photo album design, make a catalogue of all the masterpieces in one book. You will love it and your kids will love it too.

Designer’s Portfolio

Are you a designer? Then you definitely need FlicBook to create your picture book of your products monthly. Cataloguing and handing out your photos has never been this easy or affordable.

Schools & Institutions

Annual day, class photos, special assemblies, sports tournaments, debates, dramatics, the event list is endless and so are the possibilities with FlicBook. With the best online photo album maker, Catalogue photos easily every month for references for staff, teachers, parents and children.

Selfie Book

Selfies are a trend that here to stay. Gather them all up every month from your phone into a photobook for you to cherish, preserve and flic through. Download our photo printing app for free, available across India on Ios and Android.

Festive Mood

Just when your phone gallery is full of diwali festivities and Christmas came peeping in, create photo albums online and print all those pictures quick and easy for you to cherish forever. Don’t we all love flicking through photos?