Frequently Asked Questions

FlicBook is a mobile Application that helps print your phone photos into a 4 x 6 inch photo book. You select 20 to 80 photos for each FlicBook. Perforated pages make it easy to tear + share your photos. For easier reference, date & time of the picture is printed in the book. Choose between a 1 book, 6 book or 12 book plans, based on the price slabs and we will deliver the photobook right to your doorstep.

Your annual pile of photos organized in an easy to use and affordable package, it’s a no-brainer! Purchase 12 books for a year and enjoy the best discounts without any hassle! Stop wasting time running to photo studios. Getting started is so easy that anyone can do it.

FlicBook Now!

FlicBookplans allow you to make a photobook spread over 1 month, 6 months and 12 months.

Your signup date determines your book’s closing date schedule after which the book automatically closes.

(If you sign up on June 11th, your book will close by July 11th)
Select atleast one photo —> Press Upload —> Buy your plan—>On Homescreen Select ‘Add Photos’.

Gradually add your precious photos until close date or simply close book when book is complete.

FlicBook helps you to organize & preserve your phone photos in a compact photobook. It’s daunting to search for thousands of photos filed away in hard-disks, backups or even on cloud. Photos that might otherwise be deleted due to lack of space will get a new life in FlicBook. It’s a super easy, fast & fun way to create lasting keepsakes.

We have lots of ideas for everyone who uses a smartphone camera. Look up the  ‘FlicBook for Everyone’ section at

It’s super affordable! We offer 3 plans- 499/month for 1 month, 449/book for 6 months, 399/book for 12 months. This includes Flicbook, Shipping &Tax. Should you choose to order multiple books in one month, send duplicate copies to family or friends you will pay only Rs 499 (including shipping & tax) per additional book.

Our application is available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. Download FlicBook from any of the App stores. In case you want to print photos from your Tablet or laptop, these will first have to be transferred to your smart phone.

The size of each photograph is 4 x 6 inches to fit any frame easily.
We use European premium paper with high quality printing techniques.
Please note that the photos you see on your phone are back lit hence appear brighter.

We want to keep our app very simple, with an extremely easy user interface. Hence, we only allow upload from your smart phone. In case you wish to print photos from another source, you may transfer the photos to your smart phone, and then proceed to upload via the FlicBook app to print.

No problem, we will print it as long as it meets the minimum pixel count. While selecting pics on the app, we flag up photos instantly which do not meet the standard to print. Also, few photos downloaded from your computer or social networks do not have the same dimensions as the photos taken on your phone. In this case, you may have a white border around some photos. This is to ensure we crop out the least out of your photos. The closest setting for your phones camera is a 4:3 ratio.

Your sign up date – determines your book’s closing date schedule. In a 1book-1month plan, you must select 20-80 photos in a month from sign up date. For eg: if you buy a subscription on 11th July, you have to complete the book by 11th August. On the close date the book closes on its own and goes to print. In a 6book-6month and a 12book-12 month plans, you have 6 and 12 months respectively to close the books. IeYou may close all books in the first month or in the last month. Don’t worry! We will send you reminders so that u don’t miss out on your validity.

Fret not! We will just create duplicates of photos you have already selected to complete a book of 80 pages. Tip – You have the option of printing multiples of a photo.

When you longpress a photo while selecting it, you will get an option to select multiple copies of the same photo. Once uploaded you cannot change the number of copies chosen unless you deselect the photo and then reselect and longpress it.

You can see the uploaded images in the Current PhotoBook Icon. An orange mark appears on the bottom right corner of the photographs which are already uploaded.

FlicBookplan allows you to make one photobook spread over a month as you go about clicking through the month. Your signup date determines your book’s closing date schedule. If you sign up on the 14th of the month, your photos must be uploaded by the 14th of the next month. This gives you time to fill 80 pages of precious photos. You can buy subscriptions for either 1, 6 or 12book plans and avail of better rates. You are given 1,6 and 12 months to make FlicBooks respectively.

We hate to say this but if you don’t end up uploading atleast 20 photos, then we wont be able to close your Flicbookincase the the validity expires. No refunds will be made. But we will send you many reminders before the book closing date. Tip– simply make multiples of your photos to reach a minimum of 20 photos.

The plans allow you to make a Flicbook over a month. Incase you wish a Flicbook earlier tap Place Order on the Home page after selecting photos and close your book. Your Home page shows the number of books you have left. On placing an order the number of books left reduces by one. Place Order tab is enabled as soon as your uploaded photo count crosses 20. Incase you choose fewer than 80 photos and press Place Order, we simply duplicate your photos to fill your book.

Please allow your FlicBook 10–12 business days to print & arrive. We will keep you updated with delivery.

We provide you an option to order more than one copy of Flicbook. Open the Side Bar and select My Plans, and click on Add Someone to This Plan. Then add a delivery address and make payment. Your additional copy will be added and delivered to the recipient.

Certainly. To Re-Order a back copy, open Side Bar, select History and choose Reorder on the specific issue. We keep your back issues for one year.

Yes, on the homepage tap Gift, enter the phone number of user to whom you want to gift the subscription and choose a 1, 6 or 12 book plan, enter their delivery details and checkout. An email will be sent to the recipient’s email address with instructions on how to use it.

Offcourse! Tap on the My Plans icon on the Side Menu then choose Add Another Plan. Enter complete details of the individual then pay and continue. This person will now receive a copy of your FlicBook.

Mail us at and we shall divert the subscription to your chosen new address or cancel it.

The letters represent each month of the year, so that you can easily mark off the month of your book. The little box at the bottom gives you the space to name the book too.

We really value you feedback. Please mail us at

Our plans include delivery nationally across India. But incase you want us to deliver abroad, please write in at and we shall certainly make it possible.

We really value you feedback. Mail us at

We ship your FlicBook using standard courier delivery terms. The logistics partner will attempt three delivery attempts before returning the courier back to sender. If the book is returned to us, we will ask you for a suitable date for delivery and for an additional courier charge and ship your Flicbook to you.

Mail us at and expect a confirmation in 2-3 working days.

We’re here to help! Please mail us at