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Author: ashish

Memories in Form of Photos can boost your happiness!!

Photographs are blissful as they help you recall your past. Now that cameras and phones have evolved to shoot photos so much better, people are more inclined on taking photographs. Sometimes you may begrudge the time that you spend on taking photos, but you do realize the role they play in bringing happiness later when those beautiful days have gone by. You are left with pictures to look at and cherish those past moments. Photos remind us of the people,…

Mark Your Occasion Using FlicBook and Store Your Memories!!

In this digital era where millions of photos are uploaded to the internet and social networking sites every day, there is an attraction of browsing through physical photos of your favorite moments in your hands. FlicBook App is a great way of remembering an occasion. There are many reasons to create your very own photo album through Flicbook for plenty of social events where you’ll find a photo book album incredibly useful, including: Weddings: Create a wedding Photo Book with…