About FlicBook

With the world turning digital, who doesn’t have hundreds or thousands of photos clogging their mobile phones and which we don’t end up doing anything about.  The promoters of FlicBook faced the daunting task of digging out their favourite photos from the stack of backups. The solution in the form of FlicBook App was born, which prints, perforates and binds your favourite 20-80 photos in a compact photobook each month.

Your photos are printed with extreme care on our imported paper. Each photo is perforated for you to tear and share with your family, friends or loved ones or to frame easily. Photo size is standardized to 4×6 inch. Thanks to the paper’s thickness, it is sturdy and resistant to fingerprints. This is why it is ideal for extraordinary gifts or collections of great moments. Be it pics of a birthday celebration, a catalogue of your products or photos of your new born baby, use FlicBook your online photo album maker, to capture all your precious memories.

Your annual pile of photos organized in an easy to use and affordable package, it’s a no-brainer! Subscribe for a year and get the joy of receiving a monthly photo album without any hassle! Stop wasting time running to photo studios. Getting started is so easy that anyone can do it.